elmira is a European supplier supporting composites, castings, and rigid polyurethane-foams applications.
We offer sustainable
 and high performing polymers, prepregs, cores and textiles.


ExaPhen polyols are not presented at:

Discover more about what we can offer for the manufacturing applications below: specific markets, and solutions.

For each of the manufacturing applications below, we provide bio-based, VOC-free and high performing products. 

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PUR foams




Find out about our sustainable products brands: background information, markets of aim, brochures, pictures. 

Elmira distributes:

- SuperSap
Epoxy Systems

- SuperCoral
Bio-Epoxy PrePregs

- ExaPhen
Polyols and Novolacs

- ExaPhen 
Bio foams


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Temporarily being renovated

Temporarily being renovated

Elmira gives you the opportunity to shop online for a straightforward purchasing operation of some of our products. 

We are keeping in stock:
- SuperCoral Carbon Twill 2/2

- SuperCoral Flax UD

- SuperCoral Cellulose PW

However, to start with a taste of our offer, you could simply inquiry for a A4 sheet sample here.

Delivery is within 2-3 working days for the UK territory and 4-5 working day for the other European countries.
Express Delivery of 2days is available only for Europe, UK excluded.