SuperCoral PrePreg Innegra

Get to see the mechanical flexibility and quality of laminate that you can obtain by using the SuperCoral line of Prepreg.

Ideal for sporting equipment, exteriors and interiors of car, power-boats, or ballistic armours, this 3-plies laminate cured at 110ºC for 15min under press shows the great mechanical flexibility and final look appearance coming with the novel SuperCoral PrePreg bio epoxy & InnegraS fibre.

The textile in use is a 122gsm PlainWeave and is wet with a high concentration of resin due to its tightly knitted fibres. 

InnegraS is a Olefin based fibre developed by InnegraTech (South Corolina - USA) - it is particularly chosen for its very low density, and superior impact resistance (more than Kevlar). 
The SuperCoral matrix from its side matches the same properties of low density and superior impact resistance (higher than a traditional amine cured epoxy).

What's more? . .The PrePreg is still bio based and offers a least emission of VOC for a clean and eco friendly impact!!

On a bicycle made of Flax PrePreg & Titanium

For a direct link to our recent article on the Flax-Titanium bicycle, published on
 COMPOSITES SOLUTIONS, Vol 9, no.1 :  (GO to PAGE 18!)

For the Flax-Titanium bicycle, Pierluigi starts by saying:

"The company Revolution Frames (Kent, UK) has recently designed and realised a new type of racing bicycle which is to be considered not only an innovation but also a step toward the implementation of composites in the cycling industry. The founder, David Protheroe, with the support of Elmira (Sheffield, UK),decided to use the SuperCoral Flax BioEpoxy Prepreg in combination with titanium lugs for the realisation of the model frame. His design has allowed the use of flax in a structure as complex as the racing bicycle one – this has successfully passed the safety standard for racing bicycles:EN14781. . . ." 

In the article we highlight the benefits of this novel realisations and how our prepreg material has helped in achieving the sought results of the designer David Protheroe (Revolution Frames).

ISPO MUNICH - Sport & Wear Exhibition

We have been at the recent event, ISPO Show (in Munich!!) and what we have witnessed was something "simply great" : the technical cutting edge of the current world Sport and Wear industry. Snow/ on-the-road / and water sport equipment supplied by the most known brands worldwide was being exposed, while you could enjoy a prompt assistance of the exhibitors in explaining the technology behind each product. 

In particular, we have made clear how the composites manufacturing technique is one of the pillars of this industry. Composites (with glass, carbon, flax, cellulose. .) is used as reinforcement of equipment shells, body protections, and structural part of vehicles in parts such as bicycles, skis, snowboard, or walking/ski poles; but also, bio-composites (either integrating bio-matrix, bio-fibres, or both) are being considered more and more by the OEM in virtue of the lighter weight which these structures offer, interesting energies absorptions properties, and a more friendly impact on the gas emissions in the environment (along with the bio fibre or matrix production); while, offering final performance properties, comparable with the standards offered by the petrol-chemical based products.

(We wish we could provide some pictures taken personally, but these got lost over the previous days).

Right now, Elmira is concentrated in proposing this technology, convinced of its good effects on the environment, and great performance for some key applications: impact resistance and vibrations absorbing structures (including body protections), semi-structural components and exteriors for the automotive, boat hulls, sporting equipment, or for aesthetic non-load bearing parts. 


SuperCoral can resist Fire tests

Tests run for anti-fire, smoke density and toxicity according to the UL94 standard, for electric appliances applications, and to standards for aircraft interiors applications, have shown the SuperCoral Line of Epoxy PrePreg fully suitable.

Right now, we wish to try this product also public transports applications, such as trains, metro, and buses and we are interested in developing a relative project with anybody with hands on these applications, and with interest in the advantages offered by the SuperCoral; namely, higher toughness resistance, lighter density, high water and acids resistance joined to comfortable processing parameters. Although, this line should be considered also for its high environmental sustainability and minimal impact on the worker health.

To conclude, we are already proposing the SuperCoral for all those applications requiring fire-resistance and very low smoke emissions capabilities, such as panels for domestic applications, doors panels, or windows protections, furniture for aircraft interiors, such as shelves or (once again) panels for protection. Nonetheless, also the manufacturing of helmets for the workforce, as well as for moto and sport-cars racers is being looked at, too. 

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CNSL based Polyols for Eco Insulation

Elmira's new range of polyols has been developed as a solution for the increasing requirements demanded in the construction industry for the conservation of energy for new buildings and other dwellings. These polymers are designed for use in ridged polyurethane applications in roof, wall and flooring.  Polycard insulation has been focused in the optimisation of RPU formulations to provide increased fire retardants, thermal insulation properties and sustainability credits to building projects. These highly versatile materials can be produced both in monolithic slab stock and spray form. This insulation system contains no HFC's and is water blown enabling optimised air and acoustic performance. For further information contact: