Entropy - Elmira collaboration

At Elmira, we are delighted to have just agreed to assume the UK industrial distribution of the SuperSap Epoxy Systems developed by EntropyResins and designed for Composite, Adhesive, Coating, and Casting applications in both oth the Marine, Sports and Wear, Constructions, and Public Trasports.

These systems substantially support Elmira's catalogue by embracing the concepts that we bring forward: eco-sustainability and high performance. In fact, the SuperSap brand is growing up on these terms by proposing a wide selection of systems, as a functional gurantee for that company or private manufacturer interested in a new sustainable approach to the environment. 

For composite applications, the SuperSap systems address methods such as: HandLayUp, VaRTM, RTM, LiteRTM, and Compression Moulding by offering ideal processing parameters and strong sustainability. 

Adhesives, and Coatings are addressed too, by bringing faster and slower solutions for wood, metal, and composite works involving surfaces treatments.

Castings with SuperSap systems are ideal for jewelley pieces or indoors decorative objects thanks to a clear colour and very high mechanical flexibility.