ISPO MUNICH - Sport & Wear Exhibition

We have been at the recent event, ISPO Show (in Munich!!) and what we have witnessed was something "simply great" : the technical cutting edge of the current world Sport and Wear industry. Snow/ on-the-road / and water sport equipment supplied by the most known brands worldwide was being exposed, while you could enjoy a prompt assistance of the exhibitors in explaining the technology behind each product. 

In particular, we have made clear how the composites manufacturing technique is one of the pillars of this industry. Composites (with glass, carbon, flax, cellulose. .) is used as reinforcement of equipment shells, body protections, and structural part of vehicles in parts such as bicycles, skis, snowboard, or walking/ski poles; but also, bio-composites (either integrating bio-matrix, bio-fibres, or both) are being considered more and more by the OEM in virtue of the lighter weight which these structures offer, interesting energies absorptions properties, and a more friendly impact on the gas emissions in the environment (along with the bio fibre or matrix production); while, offering final performance properties, comparable with the standards offered by the petrol-chemical based products.

(We wish we could provide some pictures taken personally, but these got lost over the previous days).

Right now, Elmira is concentrated in proposing this technology, convinced of its good effects on the environment, and great performance for some key applications: impact resistance and vibrations absorbing structures (including body protections), semi-structural components and exteriors for the automotive, boat hulls, sporting equipment, or for aesthetic non-load bearing parts.