SuperCoral can resist Fire tests

Tests run for anti-fire, smoke density and toxicity according to the UL94 standard, for electric appliances applications, and to standards for aircraft interiors applications, have shown the SuperCoral Line of Epoxy PrePreg fully suitable.

Right now, we wish to try this product also public transports applications, such as trains, metro, and buses and we are interested in developing a relative project with anybody with hands on these applications, and with interest in the advantages offered by the SuperCoral; namely, higher toughness resistance, lighter density, high water and acids resistance joined to comfortable processing parameters. Although, this line should be considered also for its high environmental sustainability and minimal impact on the worker health.

To conclude, we are already proposing the SuperCoral for all those applications requiring fire-resistance and very low smoke emissions capabilities, such as panels for domestic applications, doors panels, or windows protections, furniture for aircraft interiors, such as shelves or (once again) panels for protection. Nonetheless, also the manufacturing of helmets for the workforce, as well as for moto and sport-cars racers is being looked at, too. 

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