On a bicycle made of Flax PrePreg & Titanium

For a direct link to our recent article on the Flax-Titanium bicycle, published on
 http://www.compositesolutions.it/assets/files/documenti/2015/CS_01_15.pdf  (GO to PAGE 18!)

For the Flax-Titanium bicycle, Pierluigi starts by saying:

"The company Revolution Frames (Kent, UK) has recently designed and realised a new type of racing bicycle which is to be considered not only an innovation but also a step toward the implementation of composites in the cycling industry. The founder, David Protheroe, with the support of Elmira (Sheffield, UK),decided to use the SuperCoral Flax BioEpoxy Prepreg in combination with titanium lugs for the realisation of the model frame. His design has allowed the use of flax in a structure as complex as the racing bicycle one – this has successfully passed the safety standard for racing bicycles:EN14781. . . ." 

In the article we highlight the benefits of this novel realisations and how our prepreg material has helped in achieving the sought results of the designer David Protheroe (Revolution Frames).