SuperCoral PrePreg Innegra

Get to see the mechanical flexibility and quality of laminate that you can obtain by using the SuperCoral line of Prepreg.

Ideal for sporting equipment, exteriors and interiors of car, power-boats, or ballistic armours, this 3-plies laminate cured at 110ºC for 15min under press shows the great mechanical flexibility and final look appearance coming with the novel SuperCoral PrePreg bio epoxy & InnegraS fibre.

The textile in use is a 122gsm PlainWeave and is wet with a high concentration of resin due to its tightly knitted fibres. 

InnegraS is a Olefin based fibre developed by InnegraTech (South Corolina - USA) - it is particularly chosen for its very low density, and superior impact resistance (more than Kevlar). 
The SuperCoral matrix from its side matches the same properties of low density and superior impact resistance (higher than a traditional amine cured epoxy).

What's more? . .The PrePreg is still bio based and offers a least emission of VOC for a clean and eco friendly impact!!