Importantly, SuperSap Epoxy Systems offer a bio-based content between 17% and 37% in weight and with a minimum of VOC emissions. Not only, but the relative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted on this range of performing and sustainable products showed that by replacing each Kg of Commercial Epoxy Resin with SuperSap Epoxy, we save 4kg of Green House Gas.

Using SuperSap Epoxy Systems will grant you and your workers with more sustainable and safer solutions to handle for the manufacturing of your composite parts or castings, and you will work with a performing system capable of a standard performance.  



Thanks to its competitive processing and mechanical properties, these bio epoxy systems are ideal for a wide range of applications in both

- Automotive
- Small Wind Turbines

- Sports and Wear
- Constructions
- Interior Design

With SuperSap, we address processing methods such as:

- HandLayUp
- Infusion/RTM/LiteRTM
- Compression Moulding